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The Benefits of Henna Eyebrows and Why You Should Try Them

The days of over-plucked, pencil-thin eyebrows may be behind us, but they certainly left an emotional

mark on everyone involved. Thankfully, the beauty industry has carefully crafted a treatment for those

of us whose brows never fully grew back and those who simply want to spice theirs up a bit. As we

continue recovering from “the look” of the ‘90s and 2000s, henna brows allow us to do so in style.

Henna brows are a form of brow tinting that utilizes henna to temporarily stain the hairs and the skin

beneath. When a dye that has been used for centuries joins forces with a modern technique, the

outcome is incredible. We’re going to dive deep into the many benefits of henna brows and why it’s the

perfect treatment for achieving your best brows yet.

An all-natural brow enhancement option

When it comes to the products we use on our precious skin and hair, we want to avoid harsh, harmful

formulations at all costs. You’ll be happy to hear that the dye used during a henna brows treatment is

100% natural and cruelty-free. Henna has been used for thousands of years and comes straight from the

leaves of henna trees. As time would tell, it is proven to be both skin-safe and hair-friendly. Upon

application, this chemical-free dye helps nourish the skin and hair follicles, making henna brows one of

the safest, most effective brow enhancement options in the industry.

There are a variety of shades to choose from

If you’re familiar with traditional henna, then you know it has a slight reddish hue. You might be

wondering, “Will this make my brows look red?” With the help of a trained professional, you never have

to worry about your brows looking red unless you want them to. During a henna brow treatment,

pigments are carefully picked and mixed into the henna itself in order to create a perfect color match for

you and your brows. Believe it or not, henna brows can even cover up those pesky gray hairs. With

shades ranging from blonde all the way to black, there is a shade that blends seamlessly for everyone.

Allows you to try different brow shapes

Have you ever looked in the mirror and imagined how different brow shapes might look on you? It’s no

secret that changing the shape of your natural brows has an almost magical way of opening up the eyes

and transforming the appearance of the face. Henna brows give us the opportunity to test out varying

brow shapes and sizes in order to find the one that looks best. Whether you over-plucked, had a bad

wax, or just want to add more depth and definition to your brows, henna brows have got your back

(well, actually your front!). It’s the go-to treatment for navigating the trial-and-error phase of brow

shaping. And the best part is, you can try things on for size without having to heavily commit to a more

permanent option.

The results are long-lasting

No one has the time or energy to wake up every morning and fill in their brows with pencils, creams, or

powders anymore. With henna brows, you no longer have to. The tint lasts for up to two weeks on the

skin and up to six weeks on the hairs. These results last twice as long as those seen from regular brow

tinting—and we’re not complaining. This timeframe can vary based on how frequently you sweat,

exfoliate, or produce natural oils. Nevertheless, with color that fades gradually and results that last,

henna brows have our hearts.

Your dream brows come to life.

If you’re ready to stop imagining bold, beautiful brows and wear them confidently every single day,

come see us for a consultation at GLAM Beauty Boutique. Call 205-873-1953 or click here to book your

next appointment online.


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