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The Future of Hair Restoration

Hairdreams MicroLines: The Future of Hair Restoration

Over the last century, hair has been on quite the journey. Between the finger waves of the ‘30s,

feathered shags of the ‘70s, and curtain bangs of today, hair (and all those who style it) have witnessed

decades of hair fads unfold. The drivers behind the wheel of these legendary styles are constantly

shifting gears toward the hottest and most effective hair trends of the times. For those of you struggling

with fine, thin, or thinning hair, there is a newer method on the market cosmetologists say is here to

stay. Hairdreams MicroLines is the industry’s new “it girl,” and we have the inside scoop on all you need

to know about it.

What is MicroLines?

MicroLines is a patented hair restoration method that you’ve never seen before. This innovative

treatment involves Hairdreams high-quality, 100% human hair attached to a microfine net being

blended seamlessly into your very own hair. Think of it as the crème de la crème of hair extensions. The

results are incredibly gentle on hair, virtually invisible to the eye, and come to the rescue when all other

thickening methods have proved to be ineffective. MicroLines allows you to enjoy your life without any

compromises and with a full head of lustrous hair.

How long do MicroLines last?

Unlike wigs, hairpieces, or traditional extensions, MicroLines are permanently attached to your hair.

With proper maintenance, MicroLines can be worn anywhere from 9-12 months at a time. And the best

part is, there are absolutely no limitations to you living your normal lifestyle with this treatment option.

You can go for a quick dip in the pool or take a long highway drive in a convertible without ever having

to worry about your ‘do getting damaged.

What sets MicroLines apart?

MicroLines is a treatment designed just for you. This unique form of hair restoration is the first to make

it possible to achieve all your hair’s desires in an instant. MicroLines is completely customizable in terms

of color, length, shape, and style. You can even choose the level of density you prefer. With options

ranging from light and airy volume to long and legendary fullness, you get to decide exactly what look

you want to share with the world.

Is MicroLines worth the hype?

MicroLines is the go-to method for immediately solving the effects of hair loss. There is no other

treatment like this on the market today. MicroLines is for everyone, meaning there is not a single head

of hair that cannot reap its rewards. Each net is hand-crafted to fit perfectly to the shape of your head

and provide the most realistic look possible. This treatment supplements your own hair, covers bald

spots with strong and healthy hair, and has long-lasting results that will be sure to turn heads.

MicroLines truly does it all.

Reclaim your confidence with MicroLines

As the only salon within a ten-mile radius offering Hairdreams MicroLines, GLAM Beauty Boutique is

locked, loaded, and ready to transform your look. If you’re ready to fall back in love with your hair,

choose GLAM for your next glow-up. Call 205-873-1953 or click here to book your next appointment

with us online.


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