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Single Process Color

Single-process color refers to a hair coloring technique in which a single custom formula is applied to the roots (new growth) and may be pulled through the ends. It's a popular choice for covering or blending grays, changing hair color, or enhancing existing color. This method is often used to achieve uniformity and consistency in hair color. Our expert formulation ensures that the color matches the desired shade and complements the individual's natural hair color.

Partial Highlights

Elevate your look with our brilliant partial highlight, a hair transformation that artfully adds lighter dimensions to the crown and sides of your head. We formulate just for you to create contrast and depth in the hair by applying color to specific sections while leaving other areas untouched. It is a versatile option for those looking to enhance their hair color without fully committing to a complete color change, as it adds visual interest to the hair while maintaining a natural look.

Full Highlights

A full highlight is a similar technique to a partial highlight, but the dimensional look is carried through to the back portion of the head continuing to the nape hairline. This is a popular option for those wanting a more dramatic change without committing to coloring every strand of hair on their head.

Multidimensional Color

Multidimensional color is a technique that involves custom formulation and application of different shades of highlights and/or lowlights (darker color) to the hair. Our masterful stylists expertly infuse your tresses with a symphony of light and shadow, creating a multi-dimensional masterpiece that exudes sophistication and allure.

Accent Highlight

Also often referred to as a money piece or halo highlight, this technique involves the very careful and tailored addition of a lighter shade just around the face for a pop of interest that can be as soft and natural or as impactful as desired. This is often a recommended option to extend the life of balayage between full touch ups.

Partial Balayage

The word "balayage" is of French origin and means "to sweep" or "to paint," which accurately describes the method. Our skilled stylists will meticulously hand-paint delicate, sun-kissed strands, framing your face and enhancing your natural beauty. The result is a sophisticated and radiant glow that effortlessly complements your overall style, leaving you with an elegant and luminous hair transformation. Balayage allows for a soft and low-maintenance transition between the colored and natural sections of the hair, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking gradient effect. A partial balayage, much like partial highlights, focuses on the crown and sides of the head.

Full Balayage

A full balayage incorporates the same technique as a partial balayage but the color is applied to all areas on the head, much like full highlights. It is a great method for achieving a striking change in color with less maintenance between touch ups.

Double Process Color

This process is best suited for those with darker natural color wanting all over platinum or lighter blonde results with minimal to no warmth. In this meticulous process, you will undergo a transformation that unveils the true artistry of hair color as our skilled stylists first create a pristine canvas by lightening your natural hair to the perfect level, unveiling a world of possibilities. Then, with expert precision, they add back the desired pigment (toning), resulting in a breathtaking and harmonious fusion of color, leaving you with a hair transformation that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Color Gloss

This process elegantly deepens or enriches your natural hair color or tones your color to perfection post-bonding with our expert formulation, infusing it with remarkable depth and incredible shine. The result is a luminous and flawless finish that appears as though it's been kissed by the light. Our color gloss offers seamless and timeless transformation, with no evidence of growout, while also delivering a level of conditioning and radiance that will leave you feeling like your hair is brand new.

Shine Gloss

A shine gloss is the same type of service as a color gloss, however there is no color formulation required. A shine gloss will do exactly as it says and leave the hair with extreme shine and conditioning without altering the natural color whatsoever.

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