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Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Utilizing MircoLines hair extensions from Hairdreams International, we are able to offer a temporary hair replacement option that adds volume and thickness to the top of the head. MicroLines are amazing for anyone suffering from hair loss, certain types of alopecia, or just naturally thin hair. MicroLines consist of the highest Quality human hair hand-sewn to a very breathable net matrix that is attached to the existing hair of the client, offering months of comfortable and safe wear while allowing the client to carry on with all daily activities with no worry. Each MicroLines is personally crafted between the stylist, client, and manufacturer for the absolute best quality and color match!


From seasonal hair loss to more severe cases of shedding, we have an option that my be right for you! Schedule your consultation today and see what our hair salon in Birmingham can do for you!

Blonde client holding a photo of her hair before the transformative Hair Replacement service at GLAM.
Black-haired client proudly displaying a photo of her hair transformation with Hair Replacement at GLAM.
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