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Shampoos and Conditioners

Minu Haircare

  • A line of illuminating and protective haircare formulated with colored hair in mind. Salina Caper Blossom extract provides a powerful amino acid that is protective for the hair structure along with protecting and prolonging the color.

  • Minu hair serum - a leave in formula that gives extra shine to the hair and extends the duration of cosmetic color.

NOUNOU Haircare

  • Best suited for dry hair or hair damaged by highlights, bleaching, perms, or thermal straightening. Provides deep nourishment and body to the hair.

  • Main ingredient is Fiaschetto Tomato extract that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins along with strong nourishing power and anti-oxidant properties due to vitamin C.

MOMO Haircare

  • A line of deeply hydrating haircare that is rich in water, vitamins, and mineral salts to give prolonged hydration.

  • Main ingredient is yellow melon extract.

  • MOMO Hair potion - universal leave in cream that leaves hair soft and shiny without any added weight.

DEDE Haircare

  • A delicate line ideal for frequent or every day use.

  • Red celery extract and mineral salts have a remineralizing effect on the hair.

LOVE Smoothing

  • Products geared towards people with frizzy or unruly hair. Minuta olive extract, which is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, provides even more nourishing, elasticizing, and softening power.


  • A haircare line devoted completely to wavy and curly hair. LOVE Curl shampoos, conditioners, mousses and curl-building serums resist humidity, prevent frizz and give elasticity back to curls.

  • NOTO almond extract is rich in proteins and vitamins, helping to elasticize and add volume to curly hair.

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