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Jill Has been a colorist for over 10 years now, having honed her skills under the guidance of Todd Cargo as his premiere colorist starting in 2009. Jill has a keen eye for dimension and delivers amazing color results to her clients, and she also is able to take on some projects that need a little TLC and transform them into beautiful and fantastic final looks.  She enjoys the relationships she has formed with her clients over the years and often feels like she spends the day with family rather than at work. She loved catching up and finding out what everyone has been up to while bragging on her own daughter's achievements and  adventures. you can rest assured that Jill will go out of her way to make your experience in her chair unforgettable and that you will also leave GLAM Salon feeling absolutely beautiful.

Executive Colorist

Jill Morgan

Jill Morgan, GLAM Executive Colorist, creating stunning color transformations with expertise.

Customer Reviews

I love Jill. She has been making me blonde for many years. She studied under Todd Cargo (RIP Todd, we love and miss you) who was my colorist when I met Jill. When Sanctuary closed, it was a no brainer to follow Jill to Glam.

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