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5 Hot Hair Trends to Try Now

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

When it comes to hair trends, some are on point (yes, natural sun-kissed highlights!), while

others deserve to be banished from our collective consciousness altogether (fringe bangs – just

too hard to maintain). As we enter a new season with warmer weather and longer stretches of

sunlight, it’s common to want to shake things up a bit when it comes to your hair. Before you

commit to an “of the moment” look that may not last longer than a minute, check out our list of

favorite hair trends. Each of these vibes is chic, gorgeous, and entirely attainable via a visit to

GLAM Beauty Boutique.

Glossy hair

Shiny, glossy locks are back with a vengeance. According to GLAM Owner and Master Stylist

Shaun Thomas, “This warmer season has people craving shine in their hair that can send winter

dullness and dehydration back to the shadows!” A perk of this trend is that it’s great for taming a

little frizziness and adding some moisture into the tresses.

You may have heard the term “mirror hair” lately, and that’s exactly the level of gloss this look

evokes—that smooth, reflective surface of a mirror. Shaun says, “Lasting between 6 and 8

weeks, a gloss is a perfect, low-cost pick-me-up with no commitment for any special event (or

just because you want to and deserve it)!”

There are two different ways a gloss (sometimes called a glaze or shine treatment) can be

performed on the hair. If you don’t color your hair, you can get this non-invasive, temporary

service in clear (with no color added) to smooth the outer layer of the hair and soften any

dryness. “The treatment has an acidic pH, which hair LOVES!” explains Shaun. “It can also

make your natural color look richer and more lustrous without adding any color at all. It’s like

getting a professional conditioning treatment with a little something extra! You can also ask for a

little color if you’d like your color to feel extra rich!”

If you do color, not only will a gloss offer all the aforementioned benefits, but it’s a great way to

refresh your color between touch ups. “If your hair starts to look or feel dull, pop in and get a

gloss (usually no appointment is necessary because it gets applied at the shampoo sink and no

time is needed in the stylist’s chair),” says Shaun. “Color can be added to the gloss to create a

‘tweak & tone’ if your blonde is getting brassy, your red is fading, or your brunette locks are

feeling blah. You can also just have a clear gloss added to your hair just for the softening


Choppy, shorter cuts with an element of refinement and mid-length versatility

In the past, mid-length hair has gotten a bit of a bad rap for being boring, but with the right

elements of layers and styling, you can turn heads just as easily as if you have long luscious

locks! Still able to be pulled into a ponytail or messy bun, there can be tons of versatility in a

mid-length cut that will make you forget about wanting those few extra inches.

“Think about Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Lucy Hale, or Hailey Beiber. Girls like this are rocking

shorter, choppier coifs these days, but they have a bit more polish than your older ‘chop crops,’”

says Shaun. By incorporating classic, fundamental shapes in the haircut with a bit of internal

disruption in the layers, the stylists at GLAM create a chic, fun element that can be played up or

toned down depending on the occasion. This new spin on the mid-length cut allows for endless

expression based on your personality and the level of adventure you’re willing to undertake with

your hair. “Cuts like the Bixie (a cross between a bob and pixie) and a French bob with distorted

hidden layers can be the perfect solution for a fun and flirty spring/summer look!”

NATURAL-looking highlights

While the ‘90s are certainly back in full-force, one trend not coming to 2023 is the chunky

highlight. While strong, bold hues have been making a bit of a comeback, this year is all about

amped up, natural glamour. Shaun advises that bold colors be used to provide impact but with a

more organic vibe. “Think about finer, light beige-y highlights in darker hair but with a shadowed

root to give that effect of light constantly reflecting off the hair. Or J.Lo’s infamous mélange of

soft caramels and buttery blondes that have a huge impact yet seem so lived in you’d think it

was her natural color.”

The key to a natural yet impactful color is all in the balance. The tones in the hair should

complement each other while maintaining enough contrast that the ribbons of color can be seen

apart and while blending together seamlessly. If this sounds counterintuitive, consider the way

that children’s hair changes in the summer after being in the sun. Those bright white highlights

that pop out in a natural blonde’s hair? The way a natural brunette gets those perfectly sandy

brown wisps? That’s what to consider when going for an organic and lived-in natural looking hair

color. Leave the chunky highlights in 1995, and instead aim for pops of brightness that harken

back to the natural vibes of childhood summers spent at the beach.


Shaun notes that many of his clients fear having red in their hair. “We hear it all the time: ash,

ash, ash. And yea, some people need the ash, but they don’t need ashy hair,” he explains.

“There is a difference.”

Ash is primarily used to counteract warmth in the hair, but adding too much ash in the hair will

make it turn dull, muddy, and actually look darker. He says that this is because ash colors are

cool tones, which tend to absorb light. Ultimately, ash overkill gives hair less shine, less

brightness, and an overall appearance that the hair is dry—all because the hair isn’t reflecting


“We as professionals add shine to the hair in one of two ways: either making sure the cuticle of

the hair is as smooth as possible (think back to mirror hair), and/or we add a touch of warmth.

Even in many platinum blonde formulas, a dash of gold is used to make sure the hair doesn’t

look dry and dull no matter how healthy it actually is,” he says. “Warmth for a good number of

people actually helps to contribute to their skin tone and make certain features like the eyes pop


In addition, science comes into play when it comes to achieving a healthy level of warmth in the

hair. Cool tones in synthetic hair color have the largest pigment molecules next to red. This

means they do not adhere to the hair for as long as other color molecules. “This is why we

stress that those icy and ashy blondes must have the proper at-home care like the Moroccanoil

Blonde Perfect purple shampoo to help replenish those cooler tones as they fade,” Shaun


So the next time you’re thinking of going for that icy blonde color a la Gwen Stefani, remember

that it is an investment not just at the salon, but at home as well.

Diverse styling options

Bouncy, head-turning hair is BIG right now. The old faithful ponytail and typical wand-waved or

flat-ironed-to-death tresses are taking pause next to ‘90s inspired voluminous-yet-touchable

blowouts like that of Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

“It’s all about big, big, big body that can be achieved with something like ColorWOW’s Xtra

Large Volumizing Foam, which allows for massive lift at the root while providing some memory

and hold for the tousled carefree body throughout the lengths and ends,” says Shaun. Break out

the hot rollers and claw clips, because a style like this can easily be twirled up into an easy

messy updo that can go from boardroom to cocktail party in a flash. After all, there’s a reason

#pamcore is trending on TikTok.

In the same voluminous vein, according to Shaun, you can turn it up a notch and flash back to

the days of Farrah Fawcett. “Big, luscious layers cascade away from the face yet still frame out

the features in the perfect way. If you have a cut like the butterfly cut (a modern take on the

shag), this is a perfect option. Assisted more with a large barrel curing iron, this look is all about

embracing an airy, fun, and carefree attitude,” he explains.

It all starts with a visit to GLAM

The cut, color, and updo upgrade of your dreams is right around the corner. More specifically,

it’s all possible with a visit to 1072 Montgomery Highway in Vestavia Hills, just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Call 205-873-1953 or

click here to schedule time with our GLAM squad to achieve your hair goals.


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