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Tips for Fighting Humidity & Frizz!!

We all love summer, but there are definitely some beauty challenges to overcome. There's sunburn, damage, bug bites and the worst of them all: Frizzy hair.

With a little bit of planning (check your weather app the night before!) and some beauty routine flexibility, you don't need to have another bad summer hair day and resort to wearing a turban.

Here are tons of great tips and product recommendations from our fave hair experts at GLAM!

Prep Properly

Unless you don't care about your bangs becoming one giant spit curl by 10am, you need to plan a bit in advance for a humid day, because there are definitely a few preventative measures that you can take.

First of all, always use a conditioner after you shampoo, advises stylist Tony. "If you don’t condition and only shampoo, it will make the hair look fluffier." Smoothing Shampoo by Moroccan Oil will really help with anti frizz on a normal day, especially in the south where the humidity is high.

Next, be strategic about what you put in your hair prior to drying. If you have curly hair, you should use some mousse, and our Moroccanoil products have several to chose from depending on how curly and unruly your hair is. "They work best for wavy or naturally curly hair," said Shaun Thomas, owner of GLAM. "They're great at controlling frizz while defining curl."

Serums and creams are also useful pre-drying. "Serums tend to work better blow dried into hair," according to Shaun, who's done red carpet hair as well as plenty of southern stars here in town. "Opt for a cream if your ends are really dry, which is common with color-treated hair. Moroccanoil also has a range of smoothing products depending on your hair type an texture whether fine and fuzzy or coarse and wiry."

And finally, never leave the house with wet hair. You want to get things under control before you set foot out the door. "Whether you air or blowdry, make sure it’s completely dry and seal it with an ant-frizz product like the Blow Dry Concentrate, " said Thomas Brown.

Also, think about retexturing services such as The Brazilian Blowout-a treatment that removes frizz and makes hair impervious to humidity while keeping body. With a Brazilian Blowout, your hair will look its best even on the most humid of days. This treatment can be customized as well for any hair type-even if you wear your hair curly!

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