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Second Hair Service Secrets: The Truth About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have advanced leaps and bounds beyond Claire’s wall of rainbow neon clip-ins.

And having access to luscious, thick hair—perhaps even better than what you were born

with—isn’t just reserved for celebrities and fashion icons anymore. Whether you’re looking for

more oomph, fuller ponytails, or you simply can’t wait for that lob to grow out, hair extensions

can enhance everything you’re already working with and give you the vibe you desire. 


You may have heard some less-than-ideal things about secondary hair options—or maybe

you’ve even seen some less-than-ideal results from your sister’s friend’s niece who tried to tape

some extensions in herself. The truth is that the type of extensions being used and who is

placing them matters immensely. We’re here to set the record straight and send you on your

way to achieving the hair you’ve always dreamed of having.

Myth 1: Hair extensions will make your hair fall out.

The devil’s in the details, and experienced pros like our GLAM team ensure that your extensions

are placed with the utmost care to prohibit any damage from occurring. GLAM only works with

the highest quality second hair options and only utilizes the very best practices for installation.

Myth 2: All extensions are basically the same.

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. Quality of extensions is key to ensuring the best

results and most natural look. We only use hair supplied and approved by premier brands to

provide the best possible human hair available, and the process used to obtain the hair is 100%

traceable, humane, and guaranteed. We offer three types of hair extension installation: tape in,

keratin fusion, and hand tied methods. A few factors will determine what type of extensions will

suit your needs best—level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake, your hair type, and

budget are all significant factors.

Myth 3: The extensions are going to be obvious.

If old YouTube videos of Britney performances have you cringing over the noticeable seam mid-

hair flip, you may be hesitant that your extensions will stick out like a proverbial sore thumb.

Rest assured that new methods (and the only ones we employ at GLAM) ensure that your

extensions are imperceptible and blend beautifully with the rest of your hair. We especially love

hand-tied extensions (also known as an invisible beaded row) as these are seamless and super

easy to conceal while also requiring zero heat or adhesive during application. This is typically what your

favorite celebrities use to enhance their locks, and we’re proud to be able to give our clients

celeb-worthy tresses thanks to our premier installation capabilities and in-depth knowledge.

Myth 4: Extensions tangle too easily and end up looking like a rat’s nest.

As is the case with your natural hair, extensions do require proper maintenance and upkeep.

You’ll want to make sure you’re brushing well in between rows of your extensions to prevent

clumping, but overall, you’re brushing your extensions basically in the same manner you should

be brushing your natural hair. In addition, the extent to which extensions tangle depends on

their quality, which is why we only offer the best and why you should accept no less than the

very best. After all, your hair is a significant component of your look-it's the only accessory you never take off!

Myth 5: Hair extensions are way too expensive.

While second hair services are an investment, they don’t have to break the bank. It is our policy

to require each client have a consultation to determine which hair extension product and

application method will suit the hair best and match the hair color to perfection. During the

consultation, we’ll determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for hair extensions based

on how much hair you have (you need a few inches of growth in order for the extensions to

properly attach). By consulting beforehand, our hair professionals can ensure that every client

also chooses a method that suits her budget and is advised of the necessary maintenance and

home care routines. Consultations take about 15 minutes and require a $25 consultation fee

that will be credited to the service should the client choose to proceed. Our strategic

consultation guarantees you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be spending before your salon

appointment while also making certain you receive the length, color, and volume you need to

achieve your personal hair goals.

Make those dreamy, lustrous locks a reality by allowing us to take matters into our skilled

hands! Schedule a consultation with GLAM today for hair extensions in Birmingham, Alabama!


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